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awesome little knife!

one of my favorite knives!

Scuba Steve
Another Friday Club Smash

The scales are the main even here, but this is the entire package. 20cv blade, is perfectly centered. Thin and slicey, with that upswept tanto belly. The pocket clip, oh my. The milled titanium pocket clip....milled not bent,

Kirk Preston
In depth review and inquiry for the Kizer team

Right off the bat the reason I ordered this was because of the very good value in my opinion when seeing fat carbon on knives usually over 200$ and quite rare in general handle material being used on probably my favorite Kizer model besides the cormorant which hasn’t come in yet (preordered on knife center), and the genie which I haven’t bought. On top of this really good price for fat carbon and amazing super steel there is also titanium included! The exclusivity made me really jump on this aswell.

Section 1 intro to review
I am a very new customer to Kizer with my only other Kizer purchase being a red mini begleiter around Christmas! The action was so amazing best I’ve had so far in my 50+ knife collection (half are like gas station knives) and the shape and size are perfect for my taste. So when I randomly was browsing the website for the cormorant I found the Friday club and then eventually saw the Instagram post about this beauty.

First impressions and reason for 4/5 stars-
First, when I received this knife the fit and finish was just as good as my other mini beg which was as good as I could ever ask for. The box and presentation was definitely a plus and better than other nice brands. Another huge deal was the extra hardware! I cannot thank and commend you enough for that! I wasn’t expecting that and it was really cool how the box had doors! The knifes action was really stiff at first and this ultimately lead to why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. I am a rock climber and have strong fingers so I though nothing of it but when showing this knife to my gf right away who can flip all my knives well she could barely open it after like 5 minutes of struggling. After a few days of breaking it in or trying to atleast and probably over 10,000 flicks (seriously) it was just so stiff. I took it apart and lubed it, which barely helped. After a few more days I took it apart again and saw the tiniest of tiny burs and knocked it down and knocked even more metal down than the but hoping that would do it and it again barley improved the detentes harsh strength. After showing many friends and them not being able to understand how nice the knife is because they can’t open it I knocked a little more off and tried to lightly tap the detent ball deeper into its position and thats where I am now and it feels like a really really hard detent compared to most knives instead of super crazy duper strong extra sticky sword in the stone detent. I really wish it was at buttery as my 50$ Kizer but I guess you can’t have everything. This is still an amazing knife for what it’s worth and I’m sure most of the other ones had better detents just not mine :/

Feedback and improvements-
Since overall this is a super good knife nothing needs to be changed physically but cosmetically I could suggest some changes. I am aware that this was limited and probably won’t come back but I still have some productive feedback just incase you want to listen to my cosmetic critique. From a show price perspective I understand that the black coated. Made and clip are the best choice possible for the looks but if you are thinking about this knife from a users standpoint while looking so beautiful. Consider not coating the blade so people can use this amazing steel without feeling bad about scratching the scrap out of the seracoat or what ever is used. Also in my experience pocket clips get the most scratched second to the blade and both could be really upgraded by using a stone wash (maybe not a black wash though). As you know this can hide scratches really well and it could look great with maybe a red and orange fat carbon and plain liners and hardware. Also a huge plus to titanium is that it can be anodized and with using a coat over the titanium it just makes the clip look like a plain clip that could have been steel for all people know.

I kind of rambled and this wasn’t the greatest review ever because I’m on my phone but I really enjoy giving my feedback and am happy you guys even offer this little feedback email. You guys are doing a lot of things right and I am happy to be apart of it. I hope that you consider my suggestions and also possibly sending me perhaps a new blade or liner to make my detent less harsh so I can really enjoy this knife. I hope to review my cormorant that will come one day and I am very interested in handling and reviewing more
Of your products. I would love to maybe receive a product from you guys in the future that I could test and give a super in-depth concise and educated review to help you guys do the best you are doing! I can probably even make a video for you. Just let me know if there’s anyone I can talk to or communicate with and I’ll be happy to work with your amazing team. Be warned I am 20 and still learning so much about knives but I sincerely have a passion. Keep up the good work and thank you to who ever took the time to read this!!!!!

- Kirk Preston

Joseph Franco
Clean looking knife.

Love the look and feel! Cuts clean and looks even better. I try not to use it however because it looks too good lol

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