Kizer Azo HIC-CUP Button Lock Knife Green Micarta V3606C1 (3.15" Satin)

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Mike A.
Great knife, but…..

I’m very happy with the overall quality of the knife, its action is incredibly smooth, it’s very fidgety with three methods of the deployment. (something I really value.) It has a very ergonomic handle and useful blade shape. I am a big fan of the reverse flipper and the thumb hole deployment, personally, I chose not to run the thumb studs, ergonomically the thumb studs worked very well, but I prefer the aesthetics without them, and the thumb hole works incredibly well as is, and is a dream to reverse flick! The micarta on the handle is the best that I’ve seen personally.
The not-so good; Out-of-the-box the main pivot would loosen up and would need to be tightened up after only one day of use. The pivot bearings were very dry as well and you could hear them as they rolled through the action of the knife. Lastly, the button lock is screwed onto the top of a “pendant” and constantly would back out throughout the course of a day or so, and the button lock would extend the side of the knife a comically large amount! Even when the button lock is fully seated on top of the pendent, it still extends outside of the scales a little much for my liking. It does make actuating the lock quite easy, and I have not had any accidental deployments or engagement that I did not want to, just more of an aesthetic preference.
I acid etched and stonewashed my blade,(I’m sure not covered by the warranty, but this a “budget” knife, and it looks AMAZING with the dark stonewashed blade, it compliments the micarta handle tremendously!) and during reassembly applied Loctite on the main pivot, and on the button lock and a small amount of lube for the bearings. And I have been thrilled with the knife since.
I would actually say this is a 3 1/2 star knife,
and a couple of refined details from the factory would make this a five star knife easily. I still definitely recommend it!


Best knife best blade shape best design had some issues with the button and lock but its easy to pull apart and fix. Add a cuppa drops of mineral oil make it even better 🤌

Ramus US

Super knife.

Rudolf Jarolim

Awesome knife and an awesome toy!
It's incredibly fidgety and there are several ways to Open it!

Jason McCabe
Hic cup

Love the design love the knive would like to see some swag with the knive like a sticker or patch like most other knive brands but all in all a great action great knive

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