Kizer Begleiter G10 Green V4458N2 (3.56" Grey Ti-Coated)

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I have owned this knife for several years, it still glides open like it did after break-in. It holds a nice edge and takes a new sharp edge in a few swipes of a stone. My only complaint is, until I got used to it being in my pocket, it would open ever so slightly, which made sitting down almost a bad day. Overall fantastic knife for the price

Solid knife

The Kizer Begleiter G10 Green V4458N2 (3.56" Grey Ti-Coated) is an excellent built knife with high quality material and the action is very smooth after a short period of breaking it in. The blade comes razor sharp with good edge retention that's easy to maintain with a few strokes on a leather strop.
However, I didn't give it 5 stars because the titanium coating easily picks up visible scratches.

Nicer than I anticipated

I've had this knife for a few weeks now, and I am very satisfied. I lost the knife I had carried for a few years, and since I was never all that happy with it, I decided to do a bit of research. I'm not a knife nerd, so I don't spend hours on forums engaging in debate of the minutiae. I poked the search engine a few times, and it led me to one of my favorite youtubers, Project Farm. He had a pocket knife comparison video, so I watched it. Included in his test was a Gerber very similar to the one I lost, and several others of varying prices including a Kizer. The Gerber rated poorly for original sharpness, holding an edge, and the sharpness after being re-sharpened. This reflected my experience. The Kizer was almost at the top for all these factors, and was basically the best value for the money, so I decided to try one.

So far this Kizer has exceeded my expectations in quality of materials and quality of operation. It is very sharp, and is holding an edge quite well. I've not sharpened it yet. The Gerber would go from barely sharp to "butter knife" in a few days.

I'd recommend this knife. As I said, I'm not a knife nerd, there may be something better out there, but for a quite nice knife at a reasonable price, I think Kizer delivers.

Good knife

Guy in the previous thread. If it hurts your thumb you shouldn't be carrying a knife around in the first place because you won't be man enough to use it when you need it for work or defense. Good action on the knife, sharp, nice construction and bearings.

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