Kizer Assassin Micarta Red V3549C2

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Samuel McAdoo
Great EDC knife

Came razor sharp and no play in the action. Very smooth bearing and nice fit and finish

Isaac Robles
Beautiful Blades by Kizer

Matchless Craftsmanship and Superb Functionality ! Truly a Beauty to add to my collection 👍 The Pride and Detail that goes into making these blades is UNSURPASSED !
Thank you , Thank you Kizer 👏👏👏

Impossible not to love.

I had the green Micarta version first, and had to get this red version because it's so so good. There's no better fidget model in my collection; and I'd be really impressed to handle a knife with the same dimensions/features that has a better action and overall feel - regardless of price. The flipper is tuned really well, the weight of the blade provides a satisfying lock-in click, even when deploying the blade "gently". The red Micarta is super nice: matte, smooth, and grippy all at the same time. (paper micarta?) At first I was bummed that the blade wasn't stonewashed like the green Micarta version, but not anymore. With the combined materials and workmanship, these are definite winners.

Jack T.
Great Knife, good materials for the price.

The knife arrived with the pivot screw grossly overtightened which was causing the detent to basically be locked without an unreasonable amount of force to deploy. I loosened the screw slightly and re threadlocked it and haven't had any problems since. The action is great, no button stick, and the micarta is clean and surprisely grippy for how smooth it is. Kizer's deep carry pocket clip has a pretty large bill on it but it hasn't been an issue yet. Overall a great knife for the price.

Cliff Miller
Great value

This is one hell of a good knife for this price point! Well built, great steel, and I really like the Micarta Red. Another great EDC knife...

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