Kizer D.O.C.K. Quatch Cleaver Liner Lock Knife Black Micarta V3574N1 (2.9" Stonewash)

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Avery Moore
Ugly Perfection

Let's be honest, it's not the most elegant knife, but it fills the perfect niche for a gentlemans knife with a cleaver blade. It's an eye catcher as the blade is rather unique in shape and the single copper accent on the lanyard hole just gives it an air of mystery, like this may be the very knife jack the ripper used...... The only dislike on the knife is the pocket clip. They angled the screwset on the pocket clip to match the angle of the handle, placing all the weight on the screw closest to the blade. This creates a wear spot in your pocket at that point as the weight is not evenly distributed across the ridge of the clip, but rather creates a chisel effect into the pocket seam. Had they used 3 screws and a wider clip it would have sat perfect in the pocket. Of course if you are left handed or don't carry tip up you will have more complaints as this is a single setting clip.

Rain Frigillana
Worth It

If your looking for a budget cleaver design blade then honestly Id recommend this. For the price range the quality is really good if you aren’t willing to spend $150+. Do your research on how to properly clean your micarta and lubcricate your knife as you would with other pocket knives.

Really Fun and Unique Knife

This knife has really grown on me. It’s super fun and fidgety, and way more practical than you would think.

I almost want to give it 5 stars - but didn’t because it’s great, but not quite as good as the very best Kizers. Still well worth buying and carrying.

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