Kizer Titanium Pocket Clip with Screws & Screwdriver for Folding Knives KS201T (Black)

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  • Model Number: KS201T

  • Brand: Kizer

  • Material: Titanium

  • Color: Black

This pocket clip is not applicable to the Sheepdog series.


The package includes 1 clip for a knife with a recessed screw hole version, and the package has 8 screws &1 screwdriver included.

Purchase Tips

The pack of 1 offers 1 clip and 8 screws & 1 screwdriver as a package. We have provided you with 4 different sets of screws, so you can choose the right screw to assemble your clip without worrying about the screw not fitting.
If you don't have a suitable screwdriver at home, this clip set is perfect for you.

In order to get the right clip, please see the image carefully to make sure the correct one is ordered or you can contact us for help.
This clip is suitable for the following knives:

Knife Name Applicable SKU Models
Drop Bear V3619C1、V3619C2、Ki3619A3、Ki3619A2
HIC-CUP V3606C1、Ki3606A1
Feist(XL) Ki4499A2
Towser K Ki4593A1

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel McElhinney
For my Mini roach

Awesome pocket and screwdriver combo. Not as much of hot spot when in the hand as the steel one, much nicer feel to it as well smoother very nice will be buying more as they fit other knives as well. Thanks kizer

Manuel T Mello Jr
Great looking and smooth in the hand.

The Kizer titanium pocket clips are really nice, smooth feeling and secure. Better looking than the metal clips. I do wish they were better advertised as to which knives they will fit. I took a chance and it works great on my Escort.

Mike Hale
Wrong part

I need a pocket clip for the sheepdog. Why don’t you have them? Ridiculous!

Steven Compton
Must have replacement

MUCH more comfortable than the stock clip. Also looks more premium which is a secondary bonus.

Nice clips

These look, feel, and work great. I put the black one on my cormorant XL and I like it way better and dresses up the knife that everyone calls ugly.. I don't see it that way and it's a great knife as with many Kizers are, which I have plenty.

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