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Big, beautiful, and heavy

As my title says, this knife is beautiful, big, and heavy. It's a nice conversation starter and goes with my brass flashlight and pen. 3V should hold up to a lot of different tasks and everything looks/works great out of the box.

Black Mini Roach

Love the grip and the blade. Very happy with my purchase.

Great knife at affordable price.

My second Kizer knife, and it's a beauty. Great workmanship and very sharp out of the box. Action is snappy, almost thought it was assisted Blade. The action is so smooth. Kaiser really hit a home run with this knife, it definitely won't be my last Kaiser purchase.


Love it. Keep up the good work and don’t get too expensive. I plan on purchasing more

Best Titanium EDC and outstanding price

You can't beat the price and the quality from the Titanium to S35VN blade Steel I've seen other knives for over $300 , it has beautiful pattern beautiful mailing everyone needs to check this out no purchase it now

Kizer! You need to re-stock this knife!

Wanna buy one!

Loose hardware knife blade not centered

Well this was a disappointing buy. Looked great but all the hardware was loose. The pivot also loose. The blade moved side to side and back and forth. After I fixed all the loose hardware it was hard to get the blade centered. It’s not perfect but it works. I used gunny oil on it after it was cleaned and it deploys with ease now.
I purchased that along with the fixed blade Smolt both with cpm 3v steel. The smolt fixed blade I use around my yard constantly and the blade steel holds up on the smolt but the aggressors blade just throws big burrs. Doesn’t seem like it was tempered correctly. I sharpened it put it back into the box and it’s going to just sit there or I’ll give it away. I have several Kizer knives and they are very good, but not the aggressor. I forgot about the back spacer, it’s loose and nothing changes that.
Cheers 🍻

Great knife

I had my doubts if i would like this knife but i took a chance and dont regret it, alot of meat on the blade, its construction is pretty stout, carries well and the flipper tab doesnt really bother me, good for edc and light-heavy tasks, liked it enough i bought another

Kizer Shark

Well made knife. Like it a lot. I’m into neck knives and this is a good one.

Urban Bowie

Quickly becoming my favorite little knife, would like to see more variants, maybe a premium version


For a budget friendly knife, it certainly seems like a premium knife. I've got plenty of expensive fancy knives of all sorts, but this beats them all. It won't be your choice for camping out in the wilderness, but for a night out on the town, this checks all the boxes.

Nearly the perfect knife

I have 4 originals. I keep getting them because they are such an incredible knife! Couldn’t be happier with this one!

Simply awesome

I’ve carried pocket knives since my pre teen years. I’m 67 now, and never have I had one as nice as these Kizers. I have 3 now, and hope to add more

Almost, dang it

Starting with the good. Finger flipper are my favorite, flip action works great, great gimping on the top of the blade, deep pocket reversible clip, good blade material, light weight, great size for my small-medium hands. But, I have the aluminum version and got this one as I hope for more grippy handle with the carbon, some texture, but no, this has a more slippery handle even compared to the aluminum one, I’ll either give to the wife or sell it because it didn’t meet my want of a more grippy handle.

Great knife

I really enjoy this knife so much more than my original. The xl is the right size. After I got the knife i had to adjust the pivot screw once put some lock tite and tightened the knife has been good to go.

Titanium Tanto Torngat

Wow, fantastic action and nice tight lock-up. Great looks and drop shut action. Very useful tanto blade shape and a beautiful pocket clip too.

Awesome all the way around

Got lucky and got mine on sale. Love all my Kizer knives, and the Cormorant is no exception. It is a tad small for my XL hands though.

Love this knife so much I had to buy a second one

Great knife, great price.

Is extremely sturdy, sharp, and has great action. This one is built to go to work. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Can I get another

This is my 3rd mini roach and also, I have the large cock-a-roach. I believe this is one of the best all-around folding knife. It's comfortable in the palm, slices with ease and it's stunning looking!

So far I really like the Snowflake Screwdriver

Nice looks and size, I like the style. So far I have only used it 3 or 4 times, but the bits fit perfectly and they have not stripped or deformed any at all.

Love it

Great action right out of the box. Added after market thumb studs to give an additional deployment. One of my favorite EDC

The Kizer Original XL is one of my favorite button locks

The look feel and quality of the Kizer Original in frag titanium is really amazing. You will be so pleased at how good it feels and how well it performs Kizer hit a home run with this knife.

Snappy action with a beautiful finish

The blackened copper is gorgeous in person! The scales are solid and thick, so it's definitely quite a bit heavier than the standard HIC-CUP, which may weigh down your pocket. But the opening action is still just as snappy and responsive as ever. I installed the included thumbstuds and they feel great. I also always appreciate Kizer supplying a pouch of replacement hardware with thier knives. Super classy on their part!