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Nice studs

The studs were easy to swap ,took them a while to get here but worth it.


Small, but sharp and snappy!! Scales were beautifully done on this KFC. Mmm... I need some fried chicken now.


Great knife amazing quality what more could you ask for!

A true art knife.

It looks even better than it did on screen. It's epic. The scales, and color transition so well.

Great looking and sharp

This is a great looking knife. Kizer really knocked this one out of the park.
It’s hard to describe how nice the fade of black to red on the show side looks.
Picture’s don’t do it justice. Glad I was able to get one.

It has a amazing feel and good locking system

KFC Dragon Scale Feist

Beautiful in looks and action, snaps open and drop shuts. Red going to Black dragon looking scales are awesome. Another winner for KFC.

Kizer Laconico Gemini Knife Black Micarta V3471N4 (3.13" Stonewash)
Bought this knife last year and it's amazing
Great Knife for EDC

Really smooth action and sharp. Very easy to unfold quickly and it's light enough for EDC.

Sparrow knife

Love the blade with the laser etching, looks wicked and is sharp. As Kizer is known for it snaps open with either the flipper or thumb hole and drop shuts. Great gripping texture and comfortable ergonomics. Very nice EDC.

Pocket Jewel

Excellent fit and finish. Nice little knife!

great knife, some nitpicks

first: i bought this knife for less than $100 and at another place, for that price it was a screaming deal and absolutely worth it!
i like how sleek and light this knife is, i like the clean look & design (luckily mine doesn't have that ugly engraving on the clip), also the blade is a great slicer, with good but not aggressive jimping.
i can't say much about how durable the black coating on the handle is, since i bought it only 3 days ago, but for now it seems to hold up.
also the handle has some crazy milling on the inside which is pretty cool.
now to the things i don't like:
even with the milled parts on the outside, the knife feels really slippery, combined with the not so optimal detent (it's pretty light) and the sleek shape (no place for your finger, accidental pressure on lock-bar when flipping) there's a real risk of dropping the knife, which almost happened to me twice.
in the end it is a good and stylish gentleman / office knife and a good performer, but i feel like a liner-lock would've been a better solution (hence the mini version).

Transforms knives

I put this bad boy on my drop bear & it looks way better. It works perfectly as well. I think the price is a bit high for these but there’s no denying how much better they are than a lot of stock clips.

Is this not available today?

Today is supposed to be the release of the new knives but I can't buy it.. is the release being delayed?


Perfect fit and adds that nice color pop I was looking for


Exactly what I was looking for.

Kizer Variable

Great little knife! I wear it hanging from my belt on some paracord. Always within reach and instantly accessible.

Stock out

I'd love to purchase this knife but its sold out I tried to reach out via email ro customer service ro aee if they would be getting it back in stock but haven't gotten a reply for over three weeks now

I wish i

Could afford this it's the sexxxxiest knife I've ever seen in my life

Amazing value

Micarta handles are grippy, blade geometry great, and sharpest factory edge I’ve ever seen, hair popping sharp. Ergos and sheath are amazing. Amazing quality work knife.

Blue Titanium pocket clip

The clip and screws are good quality and look great on my button lock Gemini.

Smoothness personified!

Bought a 2nd hand cozy and it is one of the best deployment and closing knives in my collection. Would buy another in a heartbeat, so get one and be happy when you sit around and fidget.

Fantastic Gent's Blade

Such a great knife. Slender, handsome, satisfying to flick open, the Clutch is my favorite high end Kizer of all. Really great knife.

Favorite Knife Ever

The Drop Bears are the favorites of my collection. There's something about the action on this knife that makes your jaw drop. The independently adjustable lock springs are genius and the process is quite easy. The previously mentioned process makes scale swapping quite easy too. If I need to mention cons I guess I'd rather the clip was recessed and it had a little more design attention to that area overall. It's a tiny bit bulky for my tastes, but I like small knives. It's not huge.