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This is a very nice knife regardless of your budget. I am very happy with every detail. Good blade steel, nice blade shape, I like that the flipper is deleted allowing for a more forward grip that is also comfortable, the hole in the blade is easy to use for finger or thumb flipping, the clip is nice and tight, the blade is centered, has a good detent and smooth action, the lock up is 100%, the knife is ergonomic and feels good in any grip.
I can’t say enough good things about this one. If you’re interested in this knife but not sure if you’ll like it, I can say from my own experience that there is nothing not to love about this knife.

Also, I wound up needing to contact Kizer customer service and I can say that I received top notch service. Kizer has earned my respect and appreciation for their products and service. I am sure I will be a return customer.

Hic cup

The HIC-CUP is one of the smoothest knives ive ever owned and ive got some pretty well known popular knives and this is by far my new favorite. Blade length could be a little longer in my opinion but other than that you have got to experience the quality of this thing to actually appreciate it action is smooth as can be and the detent is secure the button lock is awesome and the blade is razor sharp..!!!! I will be buying another one immediately after they are back in stock

Great small knive

Sharp out of the box, centered an well build knive with nicely done micarta. Detent a bit strong for the small thumb stud and shipping from china caused a small extra payment (5 euros in Germany) for faulty custom clerance


One beautiful and well made knife. It is sleek and sturdy. I know I will use this knife many years to come.

Its my friends favorite knife now!

My girlfriend and I got it for our bestfriend as a birthday gift! He opened it up and it was instantly his favorite knife of all time!

KFC Towser

Love the fact that like all my Kizers this has snap open action and super drop shut action. Great ergos and texture, feels good in the hand no matter which grip used. I actually like the face on it unlike many other reviewers.Came with pouch and extra screws, Super sharp, 70 g out of the box.

perfect edc

The De L’Orme arrived with a very impressive fit and finish. The blade shape is extremely useful and the aesthetics are super pleasing.

Kizer Begleiter Carbon Fiber Black V4458.2N1 (3.43" Black)

sharpest knife out the box I have ever owned. I really like how its small and lite compared to the big and heavy knifes I have owned. only thing I would like to see different is more blade options for it like a serrated blade would be great in my opinion

This Feist is the best ,amazing design and action👍👍👍

Another Great KFC

First the Towser K. I love the mini Sheepdog...My smaller/medium hands just squeeze into the handle and I'm locked in. The regular Sheepdog is BIG. The Towser the goldilocks. As far as the KFC it. The aluminum is contoured and velvety, (Lovin' the choil hold).. it provides the perfect amount of "resistance". Lovin' the gimping Kizer is doing and the slicey grinds on the blades of the latest several releases of their Knives. Keeps getting better and more refined. Thanks Kizer! Keep doing it. Waiting on the Chili Pepper to drop...can't wait!

Solid knife

I had never owned a Kizer knife before this, but had heard good things about them so when I got a chance to get the Gunhammer I did. This is a solid beefy, no nonsense knife that I absolutely love. It is a little large for finer work but it is a tanky knife that I have no problems using when I'm camping or hiking and it works well for that. My only complaint is the clip is a little rough on the pocket of my jeans but otherwise this is a great knife.

Kizer Friday Club Exclusive Edition Towser K Black Aluminum V4593KFC

The Blue VG 10 Begleiter EDC

I have several folders from various high-end knife makers some costing much more than this beglieter. This Beglieter is my EDC. It comfortably rides clipped to my strong side pocket. It has great balance and comes to hand without deliberate thought. It takes a sharp edge and holds it through daily tasks. I am confident that it would perform admirally as self defense.

Great knife, sharp pivot.

Love the knife and everything about it except the pivot. The pinwheel looking pivot has very sharp edges and it chews holes in your pocket. If it was tumbled or smoothed it would be great but as is I can only give 3 stars. The rest is very nice, fit and finish are impressive. Put a smooth pivot on it and easily 5 stars.

Had to get a new one

My son bought this knife for me for Father's day 2021. I carried it everyday since then. About a month ago, I went to do some work in my 90 year old father's yard and at the end of the day, I realized that I had lost my knife. I looked everywhere for it. I was sick about it because not only was it a gift from my son but I did not realize how much I needed a good knife that stayed sharp.
I used it several times a day. I had to order another one but I wanted the one my son gave me. I've been carrying my new knife for about for about 2 weeks and yesterday my Dad called and said that he had found my knife in his garden and I could tell that he was so proud because he knew how much it meant to me. I'm going to give him my new one and then we'll both have a good knife.

Mini Roach thoughts

My opinion on the Mini Roach is nothing but praise. It is such a solid knife. The fit and finish is perfect and the ascetic is very appealing.

I ordered the knife 40 days ago and it still hasn't arrived. I'm not sure why it's taking sooo long

Absolutely in love!

I have admired the original Sheepdog for a long while. However I was very skeptical with the large open assist tab. When I found out about the new manual open Sheepdog I couldn't pass on snagging one up. After about a month of EDC and use I gotta say I'm absolutely in love with this knife. Did ya'll hear me I'm the back? This knife is amazeballs!

Great knife

Well made and I really like the design

Kizer Mini Sheepdog C01c Micarta Black V3488C5

Great little knife which completely fullfill what I wanted. Only one little thing is that it goes a little bit stuff, but this will wear off and it will be smooth (I hope).
Overall I am very happy about the knife and service of the company.

The Professor would approve.

What a great KFC knife paying homage to a great show on Netflix "Money Heist".
Boom, Boom, Ciao.

Kizer Mini Sheepdog C01c G-10 Green V3488C2 (2.63" Satin)


Love the design. The action is very smooth. Blade is very sharp out of the box. I got the 😵 version and I love it. Can't decide between this and my mini roach on which I like better.