Kizer Friday is a fan giveback festival. This monthly event will be held on certain Friday every month. There will be exclusive edition knives each time. The time will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook group.

10.29 AT 8 PM 【EDT】

Kizer Friday Club

Some unexpected situations should be informed in advance Some knife packages might be lost in transit to the US warehouse. If you preorder the Halloween October and we can't deliver it to you in the end, we will issue a full refund immediately and offer you compensation. Thank you for your understanding .

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Kizer Friday Club every month

Kizer Friday Club began in 2020 as a fan give back festival and has become a regular event on Friday every month since then. Many thanks to you, our fans as well as your on-going support, which empowers us to generate brilliant ideas from your sincere feedback. So far, KFC (abbr. for Kizer Friday Club) has featured 12 limited editions. All of them are widely acclaimed in the EDC knife community. Please scroll through the photos and reviews below, I believe you will become the next one who raves about them. 

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