Kizer Friday Club

Kizer Friday Club began in 2020 as a fan give back festival and has become a regular event on Friday every month since then.

Many thanks to you, our fans as well as your ongoing support, which empowers us to generate brilliant ideas from your sincere feedback.

So far, KFC (abbr. for Kizer Friday Club) has featured 12 limited editions. All of them are widely acclaimed in the EDC knife community. Please scroll through the photos and reviews below, I believe you will become the next one who raves about them. 

             Kizer Friday Club every month             

1. Carbon Fiber Mini Begleiter

Carbon Fiber mini Begleiter


2. Cocobolo Mini Begleiter

Cocobolo Mini Begleiter


This is the Kizer Friday Club 45 piece run of the Mini Begleiter in cocobolo. The action is amazing on this little knife. The blade flies open as soon as you overcome the secure detent, making feel almost spring loaded. I love the polished liners peeking out from under the beautiful wood scales. Its name means "little companion" which is fitting, as it won't be leaving my side anytime soon."


3. XL Sheepdog

 XL Sheepdog



4. Olive G10 Feist

Olive Green G10 Feist



5. Gray G10 Feist

Gray G10 Feist



6.  Halloween Lieb

Halloween Lieb



7. Christmas Mini Sheepdog

Christmas Mini Sheepdog



8.  Red Micarta Begleiter

red micarta mini begleiter


A look at a twosome for #micartamonday with the full sized and mini Begleiter for @kizer_inc I've had these beauties around for a few days and I'm still trying to figure out which one I like more! Both are Micarta, have great action and fit my hands super well...decisions decisions.


9.  Blue Resin mini Sheepdog

Blue Resin mini Sheepdog

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Kizer Friday Club and I got an awesome knife. I look forward to taking part again.——T.

This resin Sheepdog is a beautiful EDC knife but then all Kizer knfes are.You will really like the colors in this.——Calvin Calkins


10. OX Mini CriticalOX mini Critical


I absolutely love the mini critical ox knife. Ordering was easy and the knife got here fast. Awesome job kizer!——todd wedgewood

Kizer Critical is in my opinion one of the best knifes on the market. Kizer really knows how to make a great knife, no matter the name they put on it. I will keep buying them as long as they keep making them.——Calvin Calkins

The purchasing process was quick and easy. The product was delivered in a timely manner, within one week. Pleased with the action, ergonomics, materials, and quality of the knife as a whole. Definitely a keeper in the collection since I was born in the year of the Ox.——Geoffrey Guzman


11. Iron wood Gemini

Iron wood gemini


When I saw the #kizerfridayclub exclusive Gemini for sale, I HAD TO GET IT EVEN THOUGH I TOLD MYSELF “NO MORE KNIVES”  #1 favorite and has been my fave ever since I got the copper version. Bonus! So happy to get the surprise Lieb. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time now!


12. Ebony Feist

Kizer Ebony Feist
@Johnny Cheah

Are you ready to join us? To enjoy the exhilaration.

You can follow our Facebook group: Kizer Knives Fans Group  and Instagram:  Kizer_inc or Kizer_co . We share what’s new, fun and more than anything else we are a community. A KFC knives from its prototype to final version and so on.

KFC is a monthly event. We ship from both the domestic warehouse and our US warehouse, thus there will be both US entrance and Non-US entrance for you. If you are in the USA, please get into ‘US entrance’ , your order will be shipped from our US warehouse. If you are not in the USA, please click ‘Non-US entrance’, your order will be shipped from our domestic warehouse.

Kizer friday club


Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)
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Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)Kizer
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