Kizer Modern Mexican Blanket Series

Kizer Modern Mexican Blanket Series

Compared to creating products, Kizer would love to say that we are trying to construct a new and fun lifestyle. Everything around you is to create more joy and make you feel happier and more easeful.


What is Modern Mexican Blanket?

Mexican Blanket, also known as a serapes blanket, features the traditional striped weave. They both have high levels of comfort and long-lasting durability. Compared with the traditional one, the Modern Mexican Blanket is more of a trendy style and has more patterns and colors applied. These elements have widely used for house decoration like curtains, rugs, and personal outfits like clothes, and bags.

Why do we choose the Modern Mexican Blanket element?

When looking for something that is both stylish and comfortable, the Mexican Blanket captures our attention. Maybe we can combine this cozy and fashionable element into our products.

How was it born?

To get closer to the desired one, we put 13 vivid colors and textures on the design to make it looks more modern and fashionable. As for the handle material, we picked the Damascus G10, which is made of glass fiber and epoxy resin to make our product. When going to the manufacturing, we use the way how bladesmiths make Damascus steel to make sure we can present these beautiful patterns better. We put different colors of the glass fiber layer by layer and cut them by the side. Then we got the Mexican blanket pattern with those bright colors. More than that, it would not be affected by moisture or oils and keep the lightweight and high-strength properties of G10.

Whether you are a fashion icon, a street trendsetter, an outdoor camper, an office guy, or a suit-clad businessman, colorful stuff will always steal the spotlight for you. The "Modern Mexican Blanket" products are the spotlights we made for you.      

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Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)
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Kizer Brat 154CM Blade Integral G10 Handle V3630C1 (3.50" Stonewashed)Kizer
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