Kizer Richlite Handle Material

What is Richlite?

Richlite is a new multifunctional composite material composed of cellulose and resin, using recycled paper as raw material during manufacture.

How was it made?

Recycled paper layered with phenolic resin, heat and pressure are applied. After overlapping, turn into the Richlite material, which preserves a unique layer appearance and leather texture.

Why Richlite?

Because of the compressing process, Richlite has a high-density property that makes it will not corrode from or absorb oils, perspiration, or dirt and is also good at durability. The present leather texture of Richlite makes it more grippy and lightweight than other materials. In addition, due to the surface's sanitary properties and low maintenance requirements, it's also antimicrobial enough to do daily food prep. Therefore, we choose Richlite for some of our products.

What makes Richlite special?

Kizer always values customer experience first, so when choosing a new handle material, we want it to be practical, handy, and harmless. Richlite is not only made from recycled paper but also gets many certifications, such as FSC, GREENGARD, Declare, and HPD, making it both sustainable and safe. That is one of the points that we decide to use in our product.

As a small part of the Earth, it's our duty to make it a better place for all the souls who live here and choose the environmentally friendly material for our customers.

Richlite is a material with many advantages into one, including sustainability, aesthetics, and utility. We will continue to bring you more of these products.


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