Kizer Knives ShareASale Affiliate Program Introduction

As you know, ShareASale is a leading affiliate marketing platform that connects brands with a vast network of affiliate marketers. Through ShareASale, Kizer is able to create an affiliate program where affiliate marketers earn a commission for every sale they generate. This win-win partnership allows Kizer to reach a wider audience and increase our sales, while affiliate marketers have the opportunity to earn passive income by promoting.

Kizer has lauched our ShareASale program in August and for now we have approved a batch of influencers. If you are also interested in joining in our program, please move on to know all the details.

Every time you successfully sell a product, you can get 10% of the sales as your commission. But please note that our link tracking period is 30 days, starting from the time when the customer successfully clicks the link to jump to our official website. If it exceeds 30 days, the order will be counted as our natural traffic without commission.


So how to apply for our ShareASale affiliate program?

STEP1. Go to

STEP2. If you are already a user of ShareASale, please directly sign in; If you are not a member, please fill out the necessary blanks to sign up.

STEP3. Click the “next step” button and fill out all the necessary details and information. After you submit your application, we will check the list and carefully review it.

STEP4. Please be patient while waiting for the approval.

STEP5. After you get approved, you can download the creatives we provide or get your exclusive link, and then start promoting.

We value this program and look forward to your participation! Come and join us!