Kizer X You 24'Spring - Competition Guidelines

(Kizer x You 24‘ Spring)

To build an open and creative EDC knife community and dig out more brilliant designers and excellent designs, Kizer continues the concept of ”Kizer X You“ and holds a knife-designing competition every season.

(Kizer X You in June)

Unlike previous competitions in May and June, this "Kizer X You for 24' Spring" features a new mechanic. Instead of prescribing the design prototype, designers only need to submit designs that fit the theme of this event of "Action for Dream".

(Kizer X You in May)

Here are detailed requirements of this event:

  • The design draft form is not limited, 3D is preferred.
  • The design draft must indicate the specifications, such as size and configuration.
  • Original is a must; Participants are not allowed to copy products of other brands and they will be disqualified once discovered by others.
  • Ergonomics, aesthetics and innovation are judged.

The timeline of this competition:

2023/08/07 - 2023/08/23 Participants submit their designs and concepts to 📧

2023/08/30 - 2023/09/04 Vote the Top 10 Designs on our Facebook group: Kizer Knives

2023/09/12 - 2023/09/16 Vote the Top 1 Design on our Facebook group: Kizer Knives

🥇 1st Prize (Top 1): Get to sign a contract with Kizer & Avail a 20% off discount

🥈 2nd Prize (Top 9): Win a knife (Except for limited editions) & Avail a 20% off discount

🥉 3rd Prize (Other participants): Avail a 20% off discount.

Design Together, Build an Open and Creative Community!


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