Kizer Justice Demin Desert G10 V4543N2 (3.8" Black stonewash)

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10/10 Large Folder

Loser’s fit and finish tends to be top tier even in their more affordable line ups. The Justice is no different.
It’s large but not unwieldy and it carries slim in the pocket. The serrations are more of the ‘tear’ variety than ‘slice’ variety but they’re sharp and effective. The top is more fine than I expected and the knife has less belly, but it has a fairly thin grind behind the edge and slices like a dream. G-10 is a great handle material because it’s hard but not uncomfortable when you grip it tightly and it won’t be affected much by the elements. The dark stone wash is very attractive, paired with the steel accents and G-10, the color scheme is very pleasing to the eyes. Lock up is also solid.
I have no doubts that this knife is functional as well as visually appealing. If you want a large but not absurdly sized folder, this knife is about as perfect as you’ll find within the niche.

Zachary Carlson

Great knife, super sharp out the box, the opening operation is incredibly smooth and I find myself flicking it open and shut just for fun, kind of like playing with a fidget spinner. Very happy with my purchase.

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