Kizer Smolt 3V Fixed Blade G10+Micarta Handle 1063A1 (2.93 " Black)

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1063A1(Smolt)Comes with a scabbard:

Excellent Design

Smolt was designed by well-known designer Jonathan Style (Militaw designer). Designed to emphasize simplicity and practicality, Smolt came into existence.

3V Steel Blade

3V Steel Blade has the characteristics of high wear resistance and hardness. During high-intensity use, it can reduce scratches on the blade and meet the practical characteristics of Smolt.

Micarta & G10 Handle

Smolt uses Micarta inlay on G10 to combine the properties of two materials, taking into account overall aesthetics, comfort, and improved environmental adaptability. Four grooves are added to increase the handle's friction.

Top Choice For Daily Use

Combined with everyday use scenarios, Smolt adopts a Drop Point knife shape and a curved handle. The knife has a length of 2.93 inches, an overall length of 165mm, and weighs 89.7g. It is the top choice for all people's daily needs.


Model: Smolt

Model Number: 1063A1

Overall Length: 6.5"/165mm

Designer: Jonathan Styles

Blade Style: Drop Point

Blade Length: 2.93 "/74.3mm

Blade Thickness: 3.2mm

Blade Material:3V

Handle Length: 3.57 "/90.7 mm

Handle Material: G10 + Micarta

Weight: 3.16 oz/89.7g

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I like her.

3v isn't going to break the tip. So put that beautiful dlc coat on and take her in the woods.

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