Kizer Drop Bear Damasteel Bjorkman's Twist Blade Westinghouse Micarta Handle Ki3619L1 (2.99" Damascus)

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Get a Kizer 10th anniversary coin with every purchase of the Ki3619L1 knife in 2023!

Ki3619L1 is a commemorative 10th anniversary edition of the Drop Bear, seamlessly blending elements of history and modernity.

  • Limited Edition-As a variant of Drop Bear, it is available in a global limited edition of 100pcs.

  • Unique Number-There is a unique number for each knife near the lock face of the blade.

Damascus Blade

The Drop Bear knife features Damasteel's proprietary stainless Damascus powder steel alloy RDWL34 and PMC27. This advanced material offers superior strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance than regular Damascus steel. Through the pickling treatment, the blade has a clear and distinct pattern while keeping its sharpness.

Westinghouse Micarta Handle

For the handle, we used the more elegant-antique-looking Westinghouse Micarta. Westinghouse Micarta is created by linen Micarta placed for decades. The resin gradually changes color over time, and the appearance of the Westinghouse Micarta is closer to the texture of wood, giving the product the texture of history.

Timascus Pocket Clip 

The Timascus pocket clip and thumb stud stand out like spotlights, showcasing a new type of modern craftsmanship. Timascus is a material made from a variety of titanium alloys. It boasts lightweight properties, good hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. In terms of appearance, it displays beautiful patterns, a pleasant texture, and different colors under varying temperature conditions.


With a breathtaking fusion of Damascus steel from the Middle East and Westinghouse Micarta from the US, this knife embodies harmony and respect.


  • Model: Drop Bear

  • Model Number: Ki3619L1

  • Overall Length: 7.17"/182mm

  • Designer: Azo

  • Opener: Thumb Stud

  • Blade Style: Drop Point

  • Blade Length: 2.99"/76mm

  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"/2.8mm

  • Blade Material: Damasteel Bjorkman's Twist

  • Handle Length: 4.17"/106mm

  • Handle Material: Westinghouse Micarta

  • Pocket Clip: 3D Reversible

  • Weight: 2.72oz./77g

  • Lock Type: Clutch Lock

  • Color: Brown

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Napoleon Amancio

It is a beautiful knife but “reversible” should be taken out of the specifications under pocket clip. As a lefty it is upsetting I have to purchase a new pocket clip on top of the high price I already spent because the design of this new Timascus pocket clip doesn’t work well ambidextrously. And there are no actual reversible designs made out of this timascus material so it will no longer match the thumb stud. Normally not a big deal but at this price it is.

Missed Opportunity

I bought one from WMK and the micarta was about 3mm short of the liners so the liners stuck out more all around. I was excited about this one but if they are going to be so stingy with the Westinghouse they can't even give you a full scale like that I'm going to have to pass.

Joshua Hammerly

You guys are killing me! I so want to hand over $500+. I so hope I don't get passed over because of the knife sharks that only plan to resell them for profit! I only want one maybe two for me collection. I must say that the Drop Bear is probably my most favorite pocket knife. I truly hope I can have the opportunity to snag one up while handing my stupid work load! Love ya Kizer!!!!!

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