Kizer Drop Bear Clutch Lock Aluminum Black V3619C2 (2.97" Black)

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Addictive fidget knife.

This is my new favorite knife. Excellent smooth action. Came with a very keen factory edge. Looks pretty good too. I haven't taken it apart to adjust the action, but I like that you can.

Angelo Mariano
Very Fidgety, almost an instant EDC

After hearing all the rave reviews of the Drop Bear, I finally managed to pick one up on sale. Not gonna lie, out of the box, it was nice, but not SUPER nice like everyone says. The action is smooth, but you still notice the ball bearings a little bit. The in-hand fit is comfortable, but a little chunky. The blade was perfectly centered with no side or up/down play. The coolest feature of the knife, however, is definitely the clutch lock, specifically the adjustable tension. I tried out each point, and my favorite has to be the 2nd lightest position--it makes for a very fidgety knife without the detent being too loose. If I could put it between the 2nd and middle position, I would ideally like it there, but that's the beauty of the knife, you can adjust it almost exactly to your preference.

Initially, flicking this thing open felt okay. Not as satisfying as my Bugouts, but a nice bar lock knife. I noticed that when I wear headphones, I enjoy flicking it open more because I don't hear as much of the low end "clunk" from the aluminum scales.

If I were to suggest one thing to improve upon for the Drop Bear 1.5/2.0, Kizer should keep the silhouette of the knife, but introduce some thinner scales and liners, maybe even out of titanium.

I'm a fan

This is a fun knife to fidget with and I love the blade shape.

Nicolas Bowling
Great Knife

Looks great and feels great in the hand.

Great knife! Keep the clutch locks coming!

This knife is great. I wish it was S30V or at least CPM 154 so the blade was a little tougher. It’s kind of lame to have the name of the knife on the blade too. Aside from that, this knife is one of my favorites. It looks sweet, feels great in my hand, and has a perfect weight to it. The deep carry clip with inset screws is a nice touch. It’s got a hollow sound when opening and closing, not sure if that’s the aluminum overlay scales or the bearing, but no big deal. Just different sounding than washers on my benchmades (I like the sound of washers). This is a great knife and I can’t wait to see the upcoming clutch lock knives from Kizer.

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